LG Brings 'ProBeam' For Home Cinema Fans

The LG ProBeam are marketed as a compact client projector with skilled performance once it goes on sale when its international debut at CES 2017 this Jan.
Though LG has engineered a solid name for the standard of its high-end light-emitting diode projectors, this new device is that the initial that it's engineered specifically to be used in and round the average home.
It tips the scales at simply 2kg, thus it's lighter than most notebook computers, and, because of Bluetooth and Miracast support, ought to be straightforward to combine with audio and visual sources -- i.e., a collection of wireless speakers and therefore the video content from a smartphone or pill.
What's a lot of, it runs on the company's webOS good TV platform thus it may also faucet into a bunch of video-streaming apps likewise as merely syncing with alternative LG product

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